Primary Package

Prosthetic and Appliances

These are obtained from Government, Municipal and Mission Hospitals. Awards are paid up to an annual limit.

Medical Benefits

The following benefits are paid at AHFoZ awards.

Waiting periods

The following benefit waiting periods shall apply to those who will be joining the Society for the first time or where there has been a lapse in membership. The Society reserves the right to waive waiting periods for the members transferring from AHFoZ affiliated medical aid Societies.

A mandatory three (3) months waiting period will apply to all new members:-
Subject to the foregoing, where a member downgrades to lower packages, these waiting periods will not apply.

Six months for:-

Prior Authorization

For all instances requiring prior-authorisation, members must approach the Society’s Marketing and Client Services Department. The Marketing and Client Services Department will readily explain the procedure and factors considered in granting or withholding such authorization. Members that require information should approach this department.

Members may also approach the Marketing and Client Services Department if they have any other queries or concerns about these benefits, waiting periods or any terms herein.

Rehabilitative services

This caters for Occupational and Speech Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Social Work and Physiotherapy. Awards are paid up to an annual limit.

Dental Benefit

Services rendered by Government, Municipal and Mission hospitals. These include inlays, root treatment, fillings, crowns and bridges. Awards paid up to an annual limit

Maternity Benefits

Generally paid at100% at Government, Municipal and Mission hospitals. This benefit caters for maternity care, delivery and hospitalization. Antenatal and postnatal visits are restricted to nine and five respectively. General Practitioner maternity visits are paid at 70% of costs

Optical Benefits

The benefit is paid at 100% of cost up to the package limit every three (3)year period.

It caters for lenses, frames and contact lenses. Eye tests are paid for in full at Cimas rates up to an annual limit.

This benefit is limited to government suppliers only

Drug Benefits

There is an Annual Family Limit to cover prescription drugs. Benefit limits depend on your family size and are available to any beneficiary registered under a principal member.