Waiting periods

The following benefit waiting periods shall apply to those who will be joining the Society for the first time or where there has been a lapse in membership. The Society reserves the right to waive waiting periods for the members transferring from AHFoZ affiliated medical aid Societies.

A mandatory three (3) months waiting period will apply to all new members:-
Subject to the foregoing, where a member downgrades to lower packages, these waiting periods will not apply.
Six months for:-

  • Specialist treatment
  • MRI, CT scans and Nuclear medicine
  • Admission or treatment at a hospital
  • Upgrading to a higher package i.e. the benefits of the new package only accrue after the sixth month waiting period.
  • Dental treatment

Nine months for:-

  • Maternity benefits

One year for:-

  • Homes providing constant nursing care
  • Foreign Treatment
  • Spectacles /Contact lenses

Two (2) years for:-

  • All internal prosthetic devices
  • Chemotherapy
  • Chronic Disease Add-On
  • Pre-existing chronic condition

All conditions with a two (2) year waiting period listed above or needing the remedies set out above have no cover. Cover is subject to Prior-authorisation by the Society. Prior-authorisation must be sought at all times before a service is enjoyed.

Five Years for:-

  • Ex-Gratia Chronic Drug Award
  • Orthodontic Treatment

Members must apply to the Society for ex-gratia chronic medication.
For orthodontic work, members must seek prior authorization from the Society before accessing treatment.

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